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3 hours

A shared moment for a time of conviviality around bodily well-being.

In the evening or during the day, you choose the place and the guests. For a special occasion or simply to enjoy doing nothing. You just define the ideal date.

200 €uros

Sur mesure

An idea ? A desire ?

Open up the possibilities and together let's make your dream come true.

Because unforgettable moments often start with a little "crazy" ideas, I support you in your project from A to Z.


Gift card

Do you have the impetus to offer a moment of relaxation to a person to take a break?

Choose the duration of the treatment and you're done!

The gift card is valid for 6 months.

Image de eugenie faure

Feet Home

Ideal for savoring a moment of shared happiness.

Shared relaxation. In a warm space chosen by you, I prepare a cocooning place with my relaxation items: rugs, music, candles and more. Surrounded by your friends, this time can be shared collectively to learn about hand and foot massages. Away exchanges over tea / coffee and some sweets, you can also choose an individual massage in a room nearby.

For your comfort, you are installed on the floor on a mattress, dressed in a flexible outfit. You choose the time and place to host the massage treatment.

Important: All massages offered are non-sexual

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