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Ideal for sharing a complicity for two around the massage

A parenthesis for two around well-being.  A cocooning space to connect with your partner through massage. A moment of complicity in all simplicity out of time.

At each session, I accompany you step by step to progress at your own pace towards the practice of massage (use of the hands). At the end of the 3 sessions, you will be able to reproduce this learning at home with ease.

For your comfort, you are installed on a mattress on the floor, dressed in a soft outfit.

3 sessions 


For a gentle connection to oneself and to the other.


Session 1: Meet the basics of massage

Session 2: Introduction to back and leg massage*

*The massaged is dressed in a flexible outfit.

Session 3: Introduction to foot and hand massage  (possibility to use massage oil)

265 €uros

Gift card

Do you have the impetus to offer a moment of relaxation to a person to take a break?

Choose the duration of the treatment and you're done!

The gift card is valid for 6 months.

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