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60 min

A deeply gentle massage to release tension.


Together, we will choose the intensity of the pressures you need. My feet and hands will rest on the muscle parts of your body. Stretching will complete the treatment.

60 €uros

90 min

This complete massage will soften your entire body.

In addition to the benefits of the 60 min massage, I will focus my attention on two parts of your body in particular. Your body will be able to savor this extra time to free up the tense areas.

80 €uros

Gift card

Do you have the impetus to offer a moment of relaxation to a person to take a break?

Choose the duration of the treatment and you're done!

The gift card is valid for 6 months.

Image de Conscious Design


Ideal for releasing muscle tension points.

Enjoy an intense relaxation massage. This muscular awakening releases the knots and tensions in your body. The deep softness of the trampling of my hands and feet will accompany your breathing towards a global relaxation.

For your comfort, you are massaged on the floor on a mattress, dressed in a flexible outfit.

Important: All massages offered are non-sexual

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