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30 min

Together we will identify a part of the body that is most in need to bring relaxation and muscle relaxation.

30 €uros

45 min

Two parts of the body will have my attention with deep stomping to reduce localized pain and increase physical recovery.

45 €uros

60 min

Your whole body will be listened to to bring you overall relaxation by taking the time to focus on a particular muscle group that requires more attention.

60 €uros

Gift card

Do you have the impetus to offer a moment of relaxation to a person to take a break?

Choose the duration of the treatment and you're done!

The gift card is valid for 6 months.



Ideal for the preparation and / or recovery of an effort.

Customized muscle maintenance massage on one or more parts of the body of your choice. Restore greater elasticity to muscle fibers to relax you deeply and gain in efficiency.

For your comfort, you are installed on the floor on a mattress, dressed in a flexible outfit.

Important: All massages offered are non-sexual

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