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Sharing their feelings ...



" Marie a su nous aider ma famille et moi dans le cadre de diverses séances d'hypnose. Elle a vu notre enfant qui avait des obsessions durant la nuit, il n'en dormait plus et en était très angoissé. Marie l'a reçu et a pu l'aider à comprendre cela. Il va désormais beaucoup mieux et dort plus paisiblement. J'ai aussi pu effectuer des séances où Marie m'a aidé à comprendre diverses problématiques et à sortir de certains schémas de fonctionnement.

Elle est à l'écoute de chacun et sans jugement. Sa douceur et sa disponibilité sont précieuses. Un grand Merci."

Arnaud, 35 ans

"A magical moment of deep and intense relaxation accompanied by a fairy masseuse!
More than that, a real work of cooperation to clean up liberate find relaxation!
A moment of happiness to live !!!
Thank you Marie ”

Stéphanie, 45 years old

“The massage offered by Marie goes beyond relaxation, it allows you to let go of the delicate power of foot work. It is necessary to let stress and other bad things come up on the surface and there the work of the hands which touch without touching you, radiate on your body, warms it and seems to suck up what you wanted to let go up. Excellent ... "

Dominique, 57 years old

“Today I really need it. I know that Marie will know how to listen to me, feel my tensions and hear my need. I let myself go under the massage of his feet. It makes me feel good, it relaxes me, it relieves me. I let myself go, at the sound of his voice and I breathe to evacuate, I let go of my body and my mind. Sensations, emotions come back to me, images too. So I cry, and I cry again. This massage makes me feel good, it allows me to let go and I become aware of my muscles which are tense, of my fatigue that I did not take the time to listen to, of my emotions and my inner wounds that I swallow too often . I'm trying to accommodate this moment. After the massage, I take the time to come to myself… I feel soothed and a sensation of soft warmth envelops me… Thank you Marie for this moment… an experience, a moment of well-being to relive :) ”

Magali, 38 years old

“Marie took care of me, relaxing me with words and then with her massages. I urge you to meet her. "

Jonathan, 28

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